Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are rehearsals held?
A: Rehearsals are held every Wednesday 7:00 - ­9:00pm at Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus) in the G40 Auditorium.
Q: What is the audition process?
A: You will be voice placed on your first rehearsal by the director. Once you are assigned a voice part, you will be given a song to learn and you have 3 weeks
until you are required to sing this to your section leader or director to see if you have passed the final stage of the audition process. If you learn your song and
can sing it against other parts then you will become a member. Once you are a member you will be given access to the members area of the website where
you can then begin to learn our repertoire. You will then be eligible to attend weekly rehearsals and gigs and shows.
Q: What type of person can join?
A: All Griffith University Students up to the age of 30 and any immediate alumni of the University up to the age of 25
Q: Do I have to be an experienced singer to participate?
A: Not at all. If you can hold a tune and learn your part you will be fine. It is our job to teach you how to sing a cappella. Our pride and joy is seeing people come to us telling us that they can't sing, and seeing them improve and grow a love of singing.

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