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The Big Apple and its Box of Wonders

January 28, 2015 - 4:01pm -- Serotonin Choir

Ever since New Year's Eve came out in 2011 I've wanted to go to New York. My friend and I promised each other we would save and go there during New year's so we could do all the things we saw in movies like ice skating,watching the ball drop at midnight in Time's square, eating hot dogs, wearing boots (we live in QLD and don't get snow or cold weather), eating a giant slice of New York pizza , eating twinkies , eating doughnuts. OK there is a lot of eating involved. But alas, we never did end up going. We both got into relationships and you know how it gets,that was the end of our travel story.


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Serotonin is going to NYC!

January 24, 2015 - 4:22pm -- Serotonin Choir

Serotonin has been invited by DCINY to head to New York City. Leaving in March, we will be performing with many other people in Carnegie Hall. Everyone in Serotonin is excited for the big trip, and we cannot wait to use our singing and performing talents in a new country.


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